Advent Conspiracy
Christmas can still change the world.

Years ago, we began to dream and explore how we might recenter approaching Christ and anticipating His coming during this season called “Advent.” In the Gospel, we see that God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. God gave relationally: He gave us His presence, and this gift changed everything! We want to emulate this by engaging in authentic worship and giving more fully at Christmas. Advent Conspiracy invites us into a different experience of Christmas than that of the cultural norm, shifting our focus from consumer spending back to the coming of Christ. We practice this as a community through four tenets:

Spend Less – Conserve some of the resources we could spend on material gifts and instead use them to make a bigger impact by giving to someone in need or making memories with the ones we love.

Give More – Celebrate one another by replacing material gifts with deeper, relational expressions of care and generosity, such as quality time, homemade gifts and acts of service.

Love All – We’ve been able to share the resources we saved with partners who are providing clean water, facilitating education and caring for those with HIV in their communities. In Portland, we’ve been able to serve refugees, help fight human trafficking and much more.

Worship Fully – All this starts and ends with Jesus. This is the season in which we are called to put down our burdens and joyfully lift praise up to our Savior.

We invite you to join us as we prepare for the coming of our King.

Worship Fully

Celebrate in community with these opportunities to worship and serve our neighbors this season.

On the Blog

Each week, we’ll share a new story from someone in our community highlighting one or more of the Advent Conspiracy tenets.


Every year, the money from this special offering helps start up and fund initiatives serving those who are hurting in our city and across the world.