Entering into Belonging Curriculum
What does it mean to belong to the people of God?

Reflecting on nearly two decades of spiritual and community growth, our leadership has discerned an opportunity to delve into what we believe and what we practice, all with the purpose of becoming a family of faith that gives voice, life and witness to the beauty and grace of Jesus Christ here in Portland. Created by our pastoral staff, this Entering into Belonging curriculum is designed to help us discover how we might commit our lives to God and one another for a common mission and purpose.

You can still jump in through a small group or home community, but we understand that not everyone is able to attend an extra group at this time. We encourage those who cannot attend a small group or home community to go through the curriculum as a family or with a few other community members.


Week 1

Week 1 Devotional


Week 2

Week 2 Devotional

Week 2 Video

Week 2 Discussion Questions

Apostles’ Creed


Week 3

Week 3 Devotional

Week 3 Video

Week 3 Discussion Questions

Nicene Creed


Week 4

Week 4 Devotional

Week 4 Video

Week 4 Discussion Questions


Week 5 

Week 5 Devotional

Week 5 Video

Week 5 Discussion Questions


Week 6

Week 6 Devotional 

Week 6 Video

Week 6 Discussion Questions


Week 7

Week 7 Devotional

Week 7 Video

Week 7 Discussion Questions