We believe community is central to God’s very nature.

More than a Sunday gathering, the Church is life as Christ would have us live – a community of God, growing and discovering His true design for us. It’s messy and painful, joyful and restorative, but true spiritual formation is only possible in and through community. 

So, go ahead! Explore the many ways below to get involved. Reach past the boundaries of Sunday morning. By doing this we will discover and experience ourselves as the true Imago Dei.

More than formal church membership, covenant community the outward expression of the inward reality that if you are in Christ, you belong to His people.

Home Communities are home-based groups in which diverse people from all walks and stages of life gather regularly.


Refuge strives to be a safe place where our pain and our struggles are met by Christ’s love and grace.

Small Groups provide opportunities to gather with other Imago Dei members over the enjoyment of a common activity or the pursuit of spiritual growth.

The vision of Imago Dei Kids is to see children and their families integrated into the life and work of the church.

Imago Dei Students recognizes that what matters most, ultimately, is how Christ works in each student during this key life season.

The men of Imago Dei gather in several ways through out the year in groups, at events and for retreats.

The mission of Imago Dei Women’s Formation is to guide and support the women of our community as they develop their identities in Christ.

Imago Dei Arts exists to help artists abide abundantly and unabashedly in their expression of God’s creative image.

As a community, we’re glad to be a part of helping you discover what your Christ-centered marriage will look like.