Community Groups
Important Update

In an effort to help keep our community safe and healthy, we are moving our group meetings to virtual formats and providing hosting capabilities to groups as needed.

Are you interested in connecting with others at Imago Dei through a virtual community group? Let us know!


Community Groups provide the opportunity to gather regularly with others who are part of Imago Dei and practice following Jesus together.

While each group will reflect the specific gifts and personalities of its members, community groups are centered on expressing and developing the Imago Dei Practices (Hear & Obey the Word and Spirit, Celebration, Vocation, Hospitality and Generosity).

Imago Dei community groups meet in neighborhoods across the Portland area. While most groups are open to anyone, some focus on particular walks of life, such as parenting.



If you have questions about community groups, or if you’re interested in leading or hosting a new group, contact at Central City or at Eastside.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join? 

You can join a community group by filling out the form (linked above) pertaining to your campus. On the form, you’ll also find a map of open community groups. Click on any group’s map pin to see more details, leader names, and contact info.

Do I have to join one in my neighborhood? 

Short answer, no. You’re more than welcome to explore groups outside of your neighborhood. However; our heart in having them be neighborhood specific is so that you are more connected to the community God has placed you in that immediately surrounds you. Knowing your neighbors are a part of the same church community as you can be a pretty meaningful experience that unfolds over time.

I have kids. Can they come?

We love kids and think they are so awesome that we need to care for them really well. This means that some groups are equipped for kids and others are not able to host them safely due to space or care providers. So it will vary. The best way to know is simply by checking the group description or talking to the leader.

It doesn’t seem like there’s a group I can make it to, what now? 

First off, don’t fret. There are frequently new groups in the works that aren’t on the map yet. Sometimes there is a bit of a wait to get into one, and other times we can strategize another idea to help you connect in a meaningful way.