Home Communities

Home Communities are home-based groups in which diverse people from all walks and stages of life gather regularly and practice being Jesus to one another and to Portland’s neighborhoods.

While these communities reflect Imago Dei’s core values, each also reflects the specific gifts and personalities of its members. As a result, they provide a Christ-centered context for people at Imago Dei to practice loving each other and living beyond the often isolating habits of our broader culture.

Get Connected!
You can learn about each of our Home Communities using the interactive maps below. Click on any community’s pin to find details and leader contact info.

Central City Home Communities Map

Eastside Gathering Home Communities Map

Not sure where to start or which Home Community to check out? Fill out the “Join a Home Community” form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Communities:

How do I join? 

Joining a home community is as simple as looking at the map of groups above and contacting the leader listed about joining in with them. If you’d prefer to have a leader reach out to you or talk to someone on staff about what group might be a good fit for you, a good place to start is the “Join a Home Community” form instead.

Do I have to join one in my neighborhood? 

Short answer, no. You’re more than welcome to explore groups outside of your neighborhood, however; our heart in having them be neighborhood specific is so that you are more connected to the community God has placed you in that immediately surrounds you. Knowing your neighbors are a part of the same church community as you can be a pretty meaningful experience that unfolds over time.

What’s the difference between a home community and a small group?

Small groups are essentially classes that happen on a quarterly basis throughout the year on specific topics like foster parenting, the Gospel of Luke, finances and the like for 6-10 weeks. Home communities meet in people homes throughout the year generally centered more around relationships with discussion following more along with the sermon series than a special interest topic.

I have kids, can they come?

We love kids and think they are so awesome that we need to care for them really well. This means that some groups are equipped for kids and others are not able to host them safely due to space or care providers. So it will vary. The best way to know is simply by checking the group description or talking to the leader.

It doesn’t seem like there’s a group I can make it to, what now? 

First off, don’t fret. There are frequently new groups in the works that aren’t on the map yet. Sometimes there is a bit of a wait to get into one and other times we can strategize another idea to help you connect in a meaningful way.

If you have any questions about Home Communities, please contact awilhelm@idcpdx.com.