Jesus Academy
Fall 2020 groups begin the week of October 5th.

Jesus Academy offers courses, studies and discussion groups to help you grow spiritually and live into the way of Jesus.


How to Join a Group

Review the group descriptions below, then sign up for the group of your choice using the form. Your instructors will contact you with next steps and all the info you need.

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The Gospel of the Kingdom

Theology that Empowers Us to Love the People around Us and Influence our City for Good  

Day/Time/Location: Thursdays from 7-8:15pm via Zoom

Instructors: Ruben Alvarado and John Lussier

The Gospel is good news for this world, yet many of us struggle to understand and explain how it remains good news in our current historical and cultural context. In this course we will explore theological themes of the Kingdom (i.e. justice, peace, and righteousness) in order to live them out in our current context. This is an eight-week course.

Reading and Hearing God’s Word

Developing the Practice of Bible-reading and Interpretation

Day/Time/Location: Thursdays from 7-8:30pm via Zoom

Instructors: Gena Siegel and Haley Kirkpatrick

In this class, participants and teachers will commit to reading scripture daily. We will read through the books of Exodus and Hebrews, both of which contain vital instructions for understanding hope and how to live in an uncertain world. We will gather weekly on Zoom to interact with the readings. Together, we will practice the skills of observation, interpretation, and application and learn to rely on the roles of  prayer and the Holy Spirit in helping us understand scripture. This is an eight-week course.

Be The Bridge 101

Committed Work On Racial Justice and Reconciliation

Day/Time/Location: Various times throughout the week and Zoom/in-person options are available. Sign up to learn more!

Instructors: Heidie Ambrose and Jody Rutherford

Be the Bridge is a collection of resources for racial reconciliation within faith groups created by Latasha Morrison.

Be the Bridge 101 is designed to help white people understand some of the basic tenets of whiteness in order to fully engage in the work of racial reconciliation. Groups of up to 6 participants will gather weekly for five weeks and spend time working toward acknowledging white privilege, overcoming white fragility and recognizing white supremacy.