Family Dedications

Dedicating your child to God is a public sign that you are seeking to bring your children up in the ways of Christ, and as a community we stand with you in that passion.

The family is the key place where a child learns and develops their understanding of God and His love.  They learn this primarily through the teaching of their parents. It is God’s desire that believing parents establish homes where God is honored and glorified and where parents model love and faith in Jesus Christ. It is our desire as a Church to walk alongside parents in this process, enabling, equipping, and encouraging them in this God-given role.  A baby dedication ,which can take place at any time in your young child’s life, declares that you, with the support of the Church, are committed to this role.

Our next Family Dedications at Central City will be on Sunday, November 17th. Learn more and sign up.

Our next Family Dedications at Eastside will be on Sunday, November 24th. To learn more and sign up, contact

In regards to infant baptism, although we recognize that historically it has been practiced in some churches, we do not believe that it is clearly scripturally supported. Instead we believe that baptism by water immersion is for believers who have confessed their faith in Christ.  Babies are not yet able to make this confession. Therefore we hold baby dedications as a way for parents to bring their child before God and church community. We pray for the parents as they strive to teach their child and for the community as it learns to model Christ to our children. Our desire is that one day the child will come to faith in Christ.