At Refuge, we come together in our brokenness with a desire to find healing and fellowship. 

We support each other through a transformative process of self-examination, sharing, encouragement and accountability. Refuge strives to be a safe place where our pain and our struggles are met by Christ’s love and grace.

Walking with Hurting People, a training for those interested in potentially facilitating a Refuge group, begins August 19. Meet on Sunday morning 10:30-noon in Room 203, August 19 & 26 and September 9 & 16. Please plan to attend all sessions if you can.

Our next season of groups will begin September 17th.
These groups make a commitment to each other to meet for 13 weeks, maintain confidentiality, and complete homework assignments.

We find trust, support, and accountability walking with others who are experiencing similar life struggles. Together we work through a Biblically-based curriculum of healing, transformation, and grace.

For information about counseling and other recovery resources,
check out our Counselor Referral list.

New Groups Begin September 17

Here, you can browse a list of our prospective groups. All are subject to the availability of facilitators and participants.

New Groups Begin September 19

Eastside Gathering now has Refuge groups that meet on Wednesdays.