Welcome to something different…and pretty sweet.

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is full of dramatic change. But Imago Dei recognizes that what matters most, ultimately, is how Christ works in each student during this key life season. Imago Students, then, hold to the same core values and pursuits of maturity that guide any other Imago Dei ministry. By purposing to embody Scripture, to practice community and live in holistic worship, Students at Imago Dei seek to become like Christ while connecting more deeply in Christ with their families, friends, and the broader church body.

Junior High at Central City

Relentless growth, tension, and movement during your junior high years can feel like chaos if you’re flying solo. At our Sunday gatherings, junior high students connect, worship and get serious about learning the Bible. We engage with what it means to have Christian faith, to know God’s truth, and to experience the genuine goodness of growing up with Jesus. Questions? Email

High School at Central City

Wednesday night is the main weekly rendezvous for our high school community. We are meeting, serving, and doing all that we do because of Jesus. We want to live the life that He alone can give. Christian and non-Christian folks feel equally respected and loved in this place because they truly are. Come hang out. Bring your biggest questions. Meet solid friends. Find guidance from respected and committed leaders. Questions? Email

Wednesdays 6:30-8pm | Reeve's Home
Eastside Youth

Eastside Youth is a gathering of both middle and high school students on Sunday evenings where we continue to develop our understanding of following Jesus. We engage in conversation that tackles the difficult questions and topics in life through the lens of scripture. We spend time together with food and laughter because we are family! Come join the conversation as we venture through the tough, yet worthwhile way of King Jesus. Questions? Email