We all assume marriage will make it easier to define our identity, make work more valuable and that raising children (or choosing not to) will bring a whole new element to our self-understanding, but this experience simply creates one thing alone. Marriage will either drive us away from Christ and each other as in the garden, or our marriages will birth faithfulness, connecting us closer in a unified joy to Jesus our King. It’s the first garden tragedy— a lonely man looks for something more, he’s given an amazing woman and starts worshiping her; meanwhile she finds hope in what she can achieve, and later on, all of this romanticized, self-fulfillment becomes cursed.

So, just as each of our life circumstances has shaped our understanding of where to find self-fulfillment, our further interpretation of these experiences can be opportunities to help us become inseparable friends or they can tear the marriage apart. Essentially this means that any marriage conversation we have within Imago (whether married or unmarried) will contrast a self-worship and a worship of Christ.

Our hope is in a faithful Father who takes our garden tragedies, restores us, and produces life. He sets the bar at a high spot for the covenant between a husband and wife, but he also provides enough grace necessary to cause this unique promise to flourish. As a community, we’re glad to be a part of the conversation about how to practically connect Christ with the the patterns of your relationships, and to help you discover what your Christ-centered marriage will look like. You’ll find answers to some of our more frequently asked questions below!

We’re Engaged…

We take great joy in supporting engaged couples on their walk towards marriage. As a church we ask that you participate in premarital counseling prior to your wedding to help you understand the commitment, love, and repentance necessary for your life-long journey of marriage. The pastor performing the wedding will usually do this counseling.

Do Imago Dei pastors perform marriage ceremonies?

Yes! And, our hope is also to make sure that you’ve had sufficient pre-marital counseling! Start by filling out our officiant application here and we’ll begin the process of getting you connected with a pastor. We simply ask that you give us a minimum of 3 months advance notice for all premarital/officiant requests.

Does Imago Dei provide premarital counseling?

Yes! Whether or not an Imago Dei Pastor performs your ceremony, we do provide premarital counseling. You can complete and submit the premarital counseling application here. It also includes an initial questionnaire, which is filled out prior to meeting with the pastor.

If I want a licensed professional premarital counselor, can you recommend someone?

Yes! Imago Dei has an excellent referral list for licensed counselors. Click here.

Can we get married at Imago Dei Community?

A: Yes! Get in touch with our Facilities Coordinators, Joel Paul ( and Scott Seigel ( to check on availability for your wedding date and get all the information you need.

We’re Married…


  •  If you’re having major difficulty in your marriage, each of our pastors are glad to meet in order to: Hear your story and connect your situation with what Christ says about your relationship, pray with you, and assess what resources or groups might best aid your relationship. All of this might involve some form of spiritual direction, reconciliation, or intervention.
  • If you’re addressing trauma, addiction, or mental health issues within your relationship, we can refer you to specialized and professional Christian counseling here in Portland. Additionally, we have a fantastic support network through our Refuge recovery groups here at Imago Dei.
  • If you’re feeling stuck in your relationship and you need a couple to walk with you for a longer duration (five sessions), we’d be happy to connect you with a marriage coaching couple within our Imago community that will help identify relational challenges or inspire you to encouraging possibilities in your marriage.

Workshops / Groups

 If you’re looking to grow through your marriage, we have events and on-going groups:
Seasonally, we address marriage expectations and difficulties, along with how Christ and his gospel is involved in shaping vulnerability, grace and forgiveness in our relationship. Check our Community Life booklet for current groups and events:

• Small groups: Typically 6-8 weeks, ten people, discussion-based, oftentimes a one hour book-study
• Workshops: 2, two-hour time slots, twenty people, lecture format with Q&A with discussion-based homework, addressing marriage expectations
• Forums: half-day, 100 people, panel and table discussions, experiential lectures, “overcoming challenges and inspiring possibilities in your marriage”

For counsel, referrals or coaching requests, email Jonathan Wallace, marriage and families pastor, at

Single/Dating Resources

If you’re single or dating, we’d recommend meeting with a pastor to help set clear expectations for what the marriage covenant is and isn’t. We’ve found that this can make a major difference in the short-term commitment and long-term patterns that solidify a healthy marriage.

Email Jonathan Wallace, marriage and families pastor, at to get started.