Imago Dei Prayer Space
A quiet place of intimate reflection and communion with God.

Life with Jesus means living in open communication. That life begins and ends with prayer.

The Bible consistently demonstrates that prayer is at the center of God’s love for the world. Our solitary prayer times become refreshing. Our corporate prayer times become strengthening. And the mystery of living with God, while still awaiting him, becomes rich with confident hope.

At Imago Dei Community, we hold one space for the exclusive use of prayer. Located behind our Sanctuary at SE 15th & Ash, this Prayer Space allows for individuals or groups to step into a quiet place of intimate reflection and communion with God. If you are interested in using the prayer space individually, or for a group, please contact or call 503-231-5096.

Sunday Open Prayer

During communion at each of our regular Sunday services, there are individuals available to pray with you at the doors to the left and right of the stage. The prayer space at Central City is also open as a place set aside for prayer. To learn about serving in prayer, contact at Central City or at Eastside Gathering.


Here you can submit requests to be prayed over by Eastside Gathering’s prayer team. It is deeply significant for people to be seen, heard and cared for in this way. If you feel called to serve on this team, contact Holly at