Imago Dei Prayer Space
A quiet place of intimate reflection and communion with God.

Life with Jesus means living in open communication. That life begins and ends with prayer.

The Bible consistently demonstrates that prayer is at the center of God’s love for the world. Our solitary prayer times become refreshing. Our corporate prayer times become strengthening. And the mystery of living with God, while still awaiting him, becomes rich with confident hope.

At Imago Dei Community, we hold one space for the exclusive use of prayer. Located behind our Sanctuary at SE 15th & Ash, this Prayer Space allows for individuals or groups to step into a quiet place of intimate reflection and communion with God. If you are interested in using the prayer space individually, or for a group, please contact or call 503-231-5096.



Prayer Resources

Sunday Open Prayer

During communion at each of our regular Sunday services, there are individuals available to pray with you at the doors to the left and right of the stage. The prayer space at Central City is also open as a place set aside for prayer. To learn about serving in prayer, contact at Central City or at Eastside Gathering.

Freedom from Strongholds

A Stronghold is something that keeps us from living in freedom, and freedom is when you live life as the person you were created and restored to be. If you would like to receive prayer to connect you back to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, contact at Eastside Gathering or at Central City.

On the Grid Prayer Walks

We envision young and old engaging in prayer walks for their churches, their neighborhoods, their cities and the world. In 2017, Imago Dei awarded us a grant to start a prayer walk initiative. Learn more at Our interactive Prayer Atlas app charts your route block to block for future reference, allows you to add notes for prayer prompts and create or join prayer walk groups.  

Prayer walks at Imago Dei Central City take place before each service on Sunday morning. Led by Ineke Glavor. For details, email

Pray for the World

Join other Imago Dei members in prayer for the world: Global Prayer led by Roxie Sprick (email for details) and Prayer for Our Missionaries in Nepal led my Mirjami Bergman (meets once a month in the prayer space; email for details).

Pre-Service Listening Prayer at Eastside

Meets Sundays at 9:15am (before our 10:00am service) to spend time listening to God and praying for Sunday mornings.  Led by Christopher Hoisington. Email for details.

Eat Pray Walk at Eastside

You’re invited to discover what God is doing in our Eastside neighborhoods! How? By praying while walking its streets! Come learn to pray, listen to God’s Spirit, and be instruments of his light and love to our neighbors.  We will conclude the prayer walk with a meal in the neighborhood to get to know local business owners.  This group meets once a month. Email Joanna Montesino: for details.