Semesters run in the Fall and the Spring. Registration begins soon.

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Do you feel stuck in unhealthy patterns of behavior or relationships? Have you experienced trauma or loss?

Identifying pain points in your life can help you break free from anxiety, get unstuck, build deeper relationships and change unproductive life patterns. At Refuge, we find healing in community through a transformative process of self-examination, sharing, encouragement and accountability. We strive to be a safe place where our pain and our struggles are met by Christ’s love and grace.

In the fall and spring, we offer closed groups of 4-8 people that make a commitment to each other to meet for 12-18 weeks, maintain confidentiality, and complete homework assignments.

Semesters run in the Fall and the Spring.

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Refuge Groups

Genesis Change Process

Are you tired of struggling with painful chronic personal problems or coping behaviors such as drug/alcohol abuse, sex, food, etc. “The Genesis Change Process is an attempt to provide the necessary understanding, as well as the practical tools, for real and permanent change. It is a blend of biblical principles, the science of the brain, and proven recovery strategies for not only freedom from self-destructive behaviors, but also addressing the underlying issues that drive them.” This group is offered separately for men and women.


The Grief Group provides a place for people who have experienced a significant loss in their lives to process their grief with others who are on a similar journey. Grieving people often feel alone. As a result, receiving support in the context of a Christian community can be very valuable for the healing process.

Participants will engage in journaling, personal sharing, and group interactions. The group will help the participants to connect God’s truth to their life and specific situation, as well as to experience God’s comfort and hope. Together the participants will walk through the core themes in healing from grief presented in the GriefShare Seminar Series. This group is coed.

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Mending the Soul

Abuse can take on many forms: physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, spiritual… it happens in all kinds of relationships and can be overt and public, or subtle and secretive. While the details of our individual stories may be quite different, the consequences of abuse are often strikingly similar. When we experience abuse, it usually results in feelings of shame, powerlessness, isolation, and emotional detachment. Abuse colors the way we feel about ourselves and the way we relate to God and others. In Mending the Soul, we explore the nature of abuse, learn more about how it may have impacted us, and engage in a process of healing as we reconnect with God and others from a place of hope and healing. Mending the Soul is offered in separate groups for men and for women.

The workbook is the only book required for this group. Learn more about the workbook here. 

Shame and Grace

God calls us ‘good’ and offers us unconditional love, grace, and peace. Most of us, however, struggle with voices that whisper, and sometimes shout, that we are not good enough. Shame is the pervasive feeling, not that we have done something bad but that we are bad, that some part of us is flawed, unworthy of love and acceptance. In this group we will learn to recognize shame in our lives, examine and think critically about sources of shame, build resilience by connecting and speaking out, and lean in to God’s unconditional love and grace so that we might live an abundant life of joy. This group uses Brené Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection and is offered separately for men and women.


Whether in relationships, at work, with our kids, and even with God, boundaries help us determine what is our responsibility and what is the responsibility of others. We will learn how to set limits physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally so that all our relationships can be more healthy and balanced.

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Why Emotions Matter

For some of us, emotions are overwhelming and all-important. For others, they’re bothersome and irrational. Wherever you fall on the emotional spectrum, pursuing a healthy relationship with emotions is key to living a passionate abundant life. In this group, we’ll learn how emotions work, why they are valuable, what to do when emotions don’t match the situation, helpful tools and habits for cultivating emotional health, and the ins and outs of shame, fear, anger, sadness, jealousy, and happiness. This group will be offered separately for men and women.

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As a Refuge participant and facilitator, you may need resources outside of your Refuge small group to support your healing journey. You can find info about counseling and other recovery resources here.

“Pray for each other so that you may be healed” -James 5:16.

Our team prays for the Refuge community throughout the week, and we would love to know how to pray for you!