COVID-19 Relief

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Imago Dei Community has set up a new Relief fund to respond to needs within our community.

Update: We’ve accomplished our matching challenge of $50,000 toward COVID-19 relief! Thank you, Imago Dei for your generosity! You can still give toward this fund.

We also have an existing fund called Change for a Dollar. This fund is for members of Imago Dei community to request funding for someone outside of Imago Dei, such as a neighbor or coworker.



You can give to either fund online at the link below. Please be sure to select the fund you wish to give toward in the drop-down menu labeled “fund.”

Why do I need to select a campus to give? Many of our community members already have accounts on our giving platform, and selecting their campus will help expedite the checkout process. In addition, the campus breakdown will help us in our tracking and records.


Request Funding

You can request funding from both the Relief and Change for a Dollar funds through the form below.