Eastside Refuge

Wednesday Nights


Lents Gilbert Church
12230 SE Harold St
Portland, OR 97236


For childcare, please contact:

Eastside Gathering is launching its first season of Refuge!

We support each other through a transformative process of self-examination, sharing, encouragement and accountability. Refuge strives to be a safe place where our pain and our struggles are met by Christ’s love and grace. This Fall, we’re hosting small groups for transformation, health and healing.

Come to our Intro Night on October 4th to learn about the groups and sign up. Questions? Contact eastsiderefuge@idcpdx.com. Our groups for fall include:

Genesis Process

Genesis Change groups are gender-specific small groups of people who desire to change because they are tired of struggling with chronic personal problems or destructive coping behaviors such as drug/alcohol abuse, sex and food. These groups utilize a biblically grounded curriculum which guides participants through their recovery process.

Mending the Soul

In this group, we’ll explore the nature of abuse, learn more about how it may have impacted us, and engage in a process of healing as we reconnect with God and others from a place of hope and healing. Offered in separate groups for men and women and typically lasts 12 weeks.