Imago Dei Eastside
Imago Dei Eastside

3130 SE 148th Avenue
Portland, OR

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In light of Oregon restrictions on public gatherings to slow the spread of COVID19, Sunday Services at Imago Dei Central City and Eastside Gathering are canceled until further notice. 

Instead, we’ll put together a service on video each week featuring teaching, liturgy, worship and resources for kids.

See online services.

See a weekly schedule of events and opportunities to worship, connect and learn with others at Imago Dei Eastside.

Imago Dei has set September apart as a month of prayer. When Jesus taught His disciples to pray for His kingdom to come on earth as in heaven, He was also teaching us what we should expect to see and work for in this world.

We need each other now more than ever. While community will look very different this season, learning and growing in our faith together is still possible and important!