Unlimited: Refuge Summer Series
Monday, July 17th
Imago Dei Sanctuary (1400 SE Ankeny St)
Learn to identify and challenge toxic beliefs about your worth, value and abilities and begin to write a new personal story shaped by God’s Truth.

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Family Clothing Swap
Sunday, August 20th
Imago Dei Gym (1302 SE Ankeny St)
All families are invited to participate in a clothing swap for maternity and kids ages 0-15 on Sunday, August 20th, after both services in the gym.

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Love Portland
Saturday, August 26th
At this one-day event, hundreds of our people come together to help clean up and beautify many of our local schools.

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With: A Women’s Weekend
Friday, October 20th
Macleay Conference & Retreat Center
Join us for a weekend of being with God and with each other.

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