Between Friends
Monday, July 16th 7:00pm | Monday, August 27th 8:30pm
Imago Dei Central City Campus
Navigating the Chaos of Belonging to Another

Monday evenings, July 16th – August 27th from 7-8:30pm.

Proverbs 17:17 says that a friend “loves at all times.” All times? Really? How is that even possible when the honesty and vulnerability required for such closeness comes with conflict, brokenness, instability, frailty and all sorts of other human baggage? In this seven-week summer series, together we’ll learn how to leave the shallowness of mild acquaintance and brave the depths of real and lasting friendship.

Led by Michelle Jones, pastor of spiritual formation


July 16th : CRAZY LOVE – Abraham

Friendship is more than a flimsy construct of fondness and sociability. It is the weightiest of relationships. Still, Abraham was a bad friend before he became a good one.  How do imperfect and fallible people build solid and lasting trust?

July 23rd: CHANGED FOR GOOD – Moses

Friends don’t love more as they see. They see more as they love. What does it take to see someone as they are and continue walking with them as they become?

July 30th: THIS IS US – Jesus

The art of “de-othering” the other is the soul of friendship. Being “one another” is the goal of it. Jesus, in his relationship with the disciples, shows us what that process looks like.

August 6th: PAIR-SHAPED – David & Jonathan

We are formed in and by our commitments—what we give ourselves to—for better or worse. Calling someone friend means going beyond the cost of being with them to the worth of it.

August 13th: FRIENDLY FIRE – Proverbs

When is a friend not a friend?  The book of Proverbs says that “the wounds of a friend are faithful.”  That assumes friendships are not always comfortable, but it also assumes that where there is friendship, there is respect, honor, love and truth. Friendship is not one-sided, abusive or built on deception.

August 20th: PRESENT TENSE – Paul

The apostle Paul was not what you’d call a “warm and fuzzy” guy, but over time, his way of loving others evolved into a fierce tenderness. When it comes to building strong friendships, sometimes the biggest challenge is not giving up on ourselves in the process.

August 27th: POTLUCK and What’s Next

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