Friday, November 22nd | 5:00pm-7:00pm
Imago Dei Sanctuary 1400 SE Ankeny St.
Bring your family and a nerf gun to Imago Dei!

We know Sundays aren’t always the easiest times to connect with others at Imago Dei. Raising kids, no matter what age or stage, is an incredibly full-time endeavor! With that in mind, we’ve created a few events for the year at which you and your kids can join other Imago families (and some of our fabulous Imago Dei Kids volunteers and staff) to PLAY! It’s our hope that these moments of play will help to create solid pathways for deep friendship within Imago Dei Kids and Families, giving you people to walk with for years to come. These are also great opportunities to invite a friend or neighbor to experience the family of God!

Bring a nerf gun or two and join us in an epic Capture the Flag game and chili cook-off! Bullets and cornbread provided by Imago Dei Kids. RSVP to