Recover Houston
Help with relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The city of Houston, Texas, has been experiencing disastrous effects from Hurricane Harvey. In the coming weeks, relief efforts will be vast, and the people of Houston will need support to recover. Imago Dei is collaborating with Ecclesia Church and St. John’s Church in Houston to do what we can to help in the aftermath of the storm, including the following: 

Donate Funds

You can donate funds through Ecclesia Houston to purchase supplies, tools, food, etc. that will help with recovery efforts. Be assured that 100% of your gift will go to support Houstonians in need.


Join in praying for Houston, that residents would be safe and that relief efforts and support will be plentiful.

In times of disaster, it is important that volunteers work with local relief efforts to maximize our help and avoid becoming a drain on resources in an already devastated city. Therefore, Imago Dei will take its lead from Ecclesia  and St. John’s on what kind of support is needed.