Lent at Imago Dei
A Year of Following Jesus continues as we enter the season of Lent.

For Advent, we joined the Magi on their quest to behold the Prince of Peace, born under a mysterious star.

For Epiphany, we marveled at the radiant flowering of heaven on earth, the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ.

During Lent, however, we undertake a graver endeavor, and sojourn with Jesus towards Golgotha, Skull Hill, where veiled by a Roman cross whirls the black hole that is death.

For forty days, we will keep tight on the heels of the Lord Jesus, confessing our addictions and denouncing our pharaohs, for love of the One who goes before us. Then, for the joy set out before us, we will take up our crosses, as Christ commanded, and follow him still, straight into the lying darkness.

This Lent we will rehearse being bold in blood, sweat, broken bread, and shared song, as we seek to worship the God who, in passion for the world, gave his life to destroy death and deliver new creation.

Here you’ll find events and opportunities to engage in worship, community and contemplation during the lenten season.

Art Installation

The Stations of the Cross retrace Jesus’ finals steps in Jerusalem up to the hill where He was crucified. This installation of artwork by Scott Erickson will be on display across the facade of our Ankeny building throughout Lent.


Our Pastoral staff has created this journal, hoping it will help each of us hear Christ’s words, engage with scripture and participate more fully in His mission during the season of Lent.

April 14th, 2017

Join us for an evening of worship, art, story and Scripture, as we set our eyes on our Savior and experience His love and grace in the most intense moments of His life. See times and locations for both campuses.

On the Blog

Our Ash Wednesday service walked us through four attributes of Jesus – Healer, Truth, Provider & Victor. For each of these, Pastors Jeff Marsh, Michelle Jones, Paul Ramey & Ben Thomas shared a story in which this Jesus revealed Himself. Listen to audio of their stories here.