International Partners

Our International Partnerships are founded on the following principles:

Quality over Quantity

We focus on a smaller quantity of key strategic partnerships that we can pour quality time, attention and resource into rather than being spread thin with a large quantity of partnerships that have a lower quality of relationship.  This is why we have intentionally invested in a fewer number of international partnerships with more focused attention.


We believe God has entrusted the proclamation and display of his gospel to the local church.  God has not called Imago Dei to be the church in Hanoi or Phnom Penh, he has called the church in Hanoi and Phnom Penh to be the church in Hanoi and Phnom Penh.  Where healthy, national churches exist we do not seek to start our own initiative but to listen and learn from the local vision God has given his people and seek strategic opportunities for partnership.

Proclamation and Presence

Jesus proclaimed the good news of God’s kingdom with his teaching and displayed it with his actions.  We believe Jesus empowers his church with the privilege of doing the same: teaching those around us about God and constructively bearing His presence in our communities as salt and light. Our international partnerships seek to embody this holistic integration of word and deed, proclamation and presence.

Indigenous Leadership

We believe God is raising up national leaders around the world who are indigenous to their area.  They know the language and culture of their neighborhood and are better equipped than us to understand the contextualization of the gospel there. We seek to locate mature indigenous leadership and place ourselves underneath their broader vision in relationship, service and support.


We send long-term missionaries to places where there is little to no gospel presence.  In most of the world, there are healthy, established churches with indigenous national leadership.  In those parts of the world, we seek to partner with the indigenous church that is already there.  In parts of the world lacking healthy, indigenous church presence, we send long-term missionaries with the ultimate hope of seeing healthy indigenous churches planted under national leadership.


On Sundays, we often share stories and videos from our partners and annually seek to bring at least one of our partners to Portland per year to preach on Sunday and speak into our discipleship and formation as followers of Jesus here from a global perspective.

Short-term Trips

We do 2 – 3 short-term trips per year which exist to strengthen our long-term relationships with our partners in SE Asia.  These are great opportunities to meet our partners firsthand, to be exposed to the work of God’s kingdom around the world and to be shaped and formed as a follower of Jesus in the 21st century by an international perspective on the Gospel.

More information about Imago Dei’s approach to global outreach can be found below. Questions? Contact Michelle Jones:

Frequently Asked Questions

I am going on a short-term mission trip. Can Imago Dei contribute financially to my expenses?

We have prioritized our funds to go largely towards our regional focus and our global partners on-the-ground. Due to this, we have a limited number of resources allocated to sending people from Imago Dei on short-term trips.

I am an outside missionary. Can Imago Dei contribute financially to my ministry?

We only allocate financial support for long-term missionaries to members of the Imago Dei family who have gone through an evaluation and equipping process through Imago Dei’s global ministries.

Does Imago Dei partner with outside organizations focused on global or international outreach? 

Our focus is to have few strategic partnerships rather than be spread too thin with many partnerships. Due to this, unless you are currently working in a country where we have a regional focus we would not be open to exploring a ministry partnership.