Boomers Give Back
2020 Missional Grant Recipient


“The path presented to many retirees in our culture is one idealizing leisure as an earned entitlement…It is the goal of Boomers Giving Back to present a vital and compelling counter-narrative based on the Lordship of Christ and His call to serve and love others as ourselves.”

– Denise Lundblade


Founded by Denise Lundblade, Boomers Give Back (BGB) is our newest Missional Grant recipient!

BGB creates a new vision for individuals entering and experiencing retirement—a community that comes together to serve and contribute their time, talents, resources and experience to the flourishing of society. Together we will learn to embrace this new model for our years after work, providing opportunities for personal growth, meaningful community and giving back in significant ways.

Stay tuned for more info and stories from Boomers Give Back as this ministry develops!