Serve at Imago Dei
The community of Imago Dei exists, on a practical level, because its people serve one another.

From providing a steaming cup of coffee to early morning gatherers to ministering to our community’s kids, volunteers make a huge impact by serving one another. Check out the many ways to get involved at Imago Dei on Sundays and during the week.

Hospitality Team

Our hospitality team creates a welcoming environment for our community each Sunday morning by brewing and setting up coffee, greeting at the doors, staffing our info desk and more. To join the team, email at Central City or at Eastside. 

Safety Team

Imago Dei needs a few good individuals to help keep kids and families safe on Sunday mornings. This is a great way to plug in and serve the community. A background check is required for Safety volunteers. If you are interested, please email at Central City or at Eastside.

Worship & Arts Liturgy at Central City

Our Sunday gatherings loosely walk through the traditional church calendar and follow a liturgical, purposeful and gospel-centered order. There are a variety of means by which we creatively engage and lead our people in worship – production, music, design, writing and aesthetics. Learn more. 

Production Team at Eastside

Slides – Opportunities are available to serve on Sundays by running slides during the worship service. No experience is required; we will train you! For more info, contact

Announcements & Liturgy – We need your help sharing what’s happening during the week with the congregation on Sunday mornings. You can also lead liturgical readings, prayers, and benedictions. To get involved, contact

Sound Tech – We are seeking volunteers who have a great ear for sound to serve as sound techs. No experience is required; we will provide training on the equipment and procedures. For more information, contact

Worship & Arts at Eastside

A key part of our weekly worship gatherings is our ability to join together in song and declare the praises of our great God and King. At Imago Dei we are committed to creative worship in a variety of styles, recognizing that true worship isn’t about having the right style, but can be expressed in a variety of ways.

For more information about joining the team, contact

Serve with Imago Dei Kids

Through sharing stories, serving and worshiping Christ, we get to be a place that reinforces a child’s discipleship or even where they meet Jesus for the first time.

To volunteer at Central, sign up here.

To volunteer at Eastside, sign up here.

Buddy System

Imago Dei Kids’ Buddy System serves kids with disabilities who need a little extra help in class on Sundays, allowing their parents to attend service.

To get involved at Central, contact Rachel Wachsmuth at

To get involved at Eastside, contact Ashley Brassea at

Prayer Team at Eastside

Here at Imago Dei Community, we believe prayer is an essential part of a relationship with God. We encourage each other to seek Christ through personal and community prayer. To get involved, contact Christopher Hoisington at

Care Team at Eastside

Eastside is forming a volunteer-led group to coordinate meal trains and other support for our Eastside community. To learn more, contact Heidie at