Oregon Wildfire Relief

Imago Dei has been in conversation with local church and city partners to discover how our community can support and care for those affected by the devastating wildfires across our state.

In addition to considering the following ways to help, please continue to pray for a swift end to the fires across the West Coast and for the hundreds of thousands now facing evacuation, uncertainty and great loss.

Relief Fund

Donations made to Imago Dei’s Relief Fund over the next week (September 12th-20th) will go toward wildfire relief.

To give, click on your campus’ link below and select “Relief Fund” in the drop down menu labeled “fund.”

Give at Central City.

Give at Eastside.

Why do I need to select a campus to give?

Many of our community members already have accounts on our giving platform, and selecting their campus will help expedite the checkout process. In addition, the campus breakdown will help us in our tracking and records. If you do not identify with a particular campus, you can use either portal to give.

My NeighbOR

In the midst of this disaster, children in foster care and their families are especially vulnerable. My NeighbOR was launched to mobilize the community to meet COVID-related emergency needs of Oregon’s children and families affected by foster care. As the impact of the wildfires spreads, they anticipate a sharp increase in families needing emergency help. You can sign up to meet needs in your neighborhood or donate at everychildoregon.org/myneighbor.

Other Ways to Help through Bridgetown

Bridgetown, one of our neighbor churches, has compiled a list of resources and opportunities related to wildfire relief, including information about shelter provision. Find them at bridgetown.church/relief.