Listen to Imago Dei sermons from each campus on our podcasts.

We’ve made a few changes!

Imago Dei now has two podcasts – one for Central City Campus and one for Eastside Gathering. You can listen to each podcast online, on Apple podcasts, on Spotify, on Google Podcasts and on the Imago Dei App.

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Imago Dei is committed to growing as a multi-ethnic, multi-generational community of faith that stands for the Gospel and against racial injustice.

These sermons from the past several years focus on racial justice through a biblical lens, addressing questions such as: How do we as the Church bear witness to our faith while living in a culture and a world full of injustice? and How do we hear and embody God’s vision of justice for the oppressed? 

Imago Dei Central City Podcast
Imago Dei Eastside Gathering Podcast