Our New Position

After over a year of study, discussion, prayer and discernment, our leadership team has an important announcement about our position on women and men in the ministry of Imago Dei. Please watch the video to learn more.


New Position Statement

Teaching Series

Bearing the Image of God Together: A three-week sermon series focused on the theology behind our new position. Using Genesis 2-3 as a starting point, we will explore God’s intent for men and women to co-lead in the stewardship of creation, Christ’s inclusion of women in His ministry and the active, leadership roles of women in the early Church.


Week 1 Service

Week 1 Bonus Teaching

Week 2 Service

Week 2 Bonus Teaching

Week 3 Service

Week 3 Bonus Teaching

Processing this Change

We recognize that this change in Imago Dei’s position may bring up a wide range of thoughts, feelings, concerns and questions from members of our community. In conjunction with our teaching series, our staff and leaders will host several Listening Sessions via Zoom. The focus of these sessions is not to answer every question, but to give members of our community the opportunity to share.

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This is just the beginning. In the fall, we’ll create some opportunities through Refuge and Jesus Academy to continue our study and dialogue.

Ask Questions & Provide Feedback

You can ask questions and provide feedback through this short survey. Responses to the survey will help inform how we continue to facilitate this transition. We will make the answers to frequently asked questions available here.

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