Easter 2017

Easter marks the day and season where we remember that all days and seasons now reverberate with an Almighty decree of resurrection to eternal life. Creation's true nature has been revealed; the train of history has jumped its tracks; every rulebook and dictionary was been rewritten; every story has fallen into orbit around God's story, as it culminates in the person of Jesus Christ. Easter, rather than being another season, is the destiny of all seasons. Easter, rather than being a special stretch of calendar is the destination of all time. Easter is the ultimate challenge of the church, the call to live out God's future now, in freedom from sin, in fearlessness before death, in the jubilation of grace, in the unity and power of cross-shaped love. The world is new and being made anew. During Easter may we celebrate this good news, bearing together the image of our resurrected, resurrecting God.
Easter: Week 7
May 28, 2017
Easter: Week 5
May 14, 2017
Easter: Week 4
May 7, 2017
Easter: Week 3
April 30, 2017
Easter: Week 2
April 23, 2017
Easter 2017
April 16, 2017