Epiphany: My Neighbor’s Keeper

The liturgical season of Epiphany follows Jesus’ life and ministry on earth and celebrates the Messiah who calls us to seek, know, understand and care even in places where we disagree. This year’s theme is My Neighbor’s Keeper. When we build relationships across divides, we learn to care for each other despite our differences. This series includes Saving Justice, a focus we observe each year to help us grow our biblical understanding of justice and draw us closer to the heart of God, prompting questions like "How do we bear witness to our faith while living in a world full of injustice?" and "How do we hear and embody God’s vision of justice for the oppressed?"
My Neighbor's Keeper Week 3
January 21, 2018
My Neighbor's Keeper Week 2
January 14, 2018
My Neighbor's Keeper Week 1
January 7, 2018