Father’s Day

In our cultural landscape fathering is an area filled with much pain, loss, and abuse. Something is missing. The void left when father's parent badly only affirms the reality that every person is created to be fathered. The fact is, for fathers, you cannot choose to not parent. You will either father well, or father poorly. But you cannot not father. God has designed into our humanity an inescapable desire for a father's influence. Yet this influence is not one rooted in function. God has something much bigger in mind. Fathers become a primary way God chooses to pass on the faith. This is no less essential today than in was in the times of the Old Testament patriarchs. The verses below serve as a launching pad to how we should then father our children. In this sermon Rick offers a few ideas He has come to embrace in his own journey towards parenting His kids with this end in mind; that his kids would truly receive faith in Christ in a transformational way.
Father's Day
June 17, 2007