God’s Justice

We have been studying Isaiah 61 for several weeks now. God is opening the door to give us a glimpse into what he's doing in the world, His cosmic plan of salvation. It's interesting that our personal transformation and our ministry come from the same place: God's invitation to let go of our own empire and join what God is doing. God takes us from a place of shame and turns us into priests. Our personal transformation includes walking away from the communion table and letting go of shame. It would make no sense to walk away forgiven, yet carrying all the same old baggage. God is replacing this baggage with a new blessing and inheritance. On this side of the cross, our inheritance is not a piece of land, but rather a piece of God. We get to be with God forever! This inheritance is not immediately realized, but is rather unfolding. We have the Holy Spirit as our deposit, and the promise that more is coming. The difficulty with this for us is that we live in a culture of instant gratification. Having to wait for anything seems like torture. Yet, we have been given this anticipation as a gift. And this anticipation, rightly reflected in our lives, should look different than our culture. It should intrigue our culture. Part of what we anticipate is pure justice. God loves justice! He is slowly restoring justice to an unjust world. Justice is God's measuring stick. God's justice is at the heart of everything He is doing. It should be at the heart of everything He is doing in you. Through you. Where is God inviting you to join Him in His justice? Isaiah 61:6 - 8
God's Justice
June 10, 2007