Here in Anticipation

Our Advent theme this year is Here in Anticipation. We will look back and celebrate the birth of Christ, the joy of Christmas, as we receive the gift of Emmanuel, God with us. We also look forward, anticipating Christ’s coming again to put our broken world back together. We live Here, but we also live In Anticipation that the story we’re in is moving toward a beautiful fulfillment. Things will once and forever be what Christ has promised; a world full of life and beauty without sin, brokenness or destruction. By celebrating Advent in this way, we proclaim that there is a generous God who has given us everything in Jesus, and every year He meets us in profound ways.
Christmas Eve 2017
December 24, 2017
Here in Anticipation Week 3
December 17, 2017
Here in Anticipation Week 2
December 10, 2017
Here in Anticipation Week 1
December 3, 2017