Jesus and the Other

The way Jesus interacted with people was revolutionary to the culture of His day. Jesus taught a different way from human-constructed social structures, breaking systems of class, race, gender, religion and those who were marginalized due to physical and mental health. In this series, we will explore that path down which Jesus leads His followers, revealing the love of God to the “other.” While most find it easier to avoid people who are not like themselves, Jesus shows us a new way, the revolutionary way of love, embrace, and healing. About the art: We chose to show real people as “the other”, purposely blocking off parts of their faces to show that we often choose not to see them. These are the people Jesus approaches; the ones who most everyone ignores. Design by Sabbatical; Photos by Joshua Zirschky.
Jesus and the Other: Week 5
September 17, 2017
Jesus and the Other: Week 4
September 10, 2017
Jesus and the Other: Week 3
September 3, 2017
Jesus and the Other: Week 2
August 27, 2017
Jesus and the Other: Week 1
August 20, 2017