Jesus The Gift-Giver

Pentecost continues the story and chapter that precedes it. If Easter, in other words, leads us to practice living as though Jesus is risen and Lord, Pentecost challenges us to grapple with what it means that Jesus lives and rules through everyday people, by his Spirit. And however we view that challenge – as sobering? invigorating? mysterious? – we may trust the Spirit of Christ to guide us into the unchanging yet ever-surprising beauty of God’s redeeming love. On the Church calendar, Pentecost is a single day celebrating the giving of the Holy Spirit. This year we are extending that celebration through a sermon series called Jesus the Gift-Giver.
Jesus the Gift-Giver: Week 4
June 25, 2017
Jesus the Gift-Giver: Week 3
June 18, 2017
Jesus the Gift Giver-Eastside
June 11, 2017
Jesus The Gift Giver: Week 2
June 11, 2017
Pentecost Sunday
June 4, 2017