No Audio – Ancient Pathways of Devotion – Rhythm

Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to post any audio from the sermon on 11/5/06. We apologize for this inconvenience! The seasons change rhythmically each year. How many or our lives reflect any sense of similar rhythm? For most of us, we no longer follow any type of agricultural cycle. Our own personal calendars define our rhythm. If there is empty space in our calendar, we’ll likely fill it up. The truth is, we were created to live rhythmically. Yet we’ve traded the rhythm we were created for (namely a rhythm that incorporates rest) for a life that is defined by a constant “hum.” We then try to squeeze our spirituality into our lives that are humming along, and wonder why our spirituality feels so disconnected from the rest of our life. No doubt that our culture is one of a frenetic pace. So how do we live a life of worship, of spiritual rhythm, in the midst of that culture? We practice the rhythms that God has established for us. God established the Sabbath right in the midst of the creation story. Why would God stop? Was he unable to keep going at that pace? I doubt it…he’s God. I believe God stopped because his creation was something he wanted to enjoy. He has a relationship with his creation. When we create, we approach the likeness of God (who is a very creative being). We are made in his image, and are therefore very creative creatures. This is why so many of us don’t want to stop working. But what we forget is that God also rests and enjoys what he’s created. Part of being created in his image is to follow him in this rhythm. What’s interesting is that as an ancient path of devotion, observing the Sabbath doesn’t appear to be optional. We don’t get asked whether we want to do it or not. It’s good to have a God who cares for us this much…so much that one of His commandments is to stop, and rest! Genesis 2:1 - 3
No Audio - Ancient Pathways of Devotion - Rhythm
November 5, 2006