Saving Justice: The Borders We Face

Saving Justice is a focus we observe each year to help us grow our biblical understanding of justice and draw us closer to the heart of God. This year we will be discussing Immigration. Not only is this a pressing matter in our national conversation, but it is an important issue biblically. God reveals himself as a Father to the fatherless, and commands His people to treat the stranger as one of our own. At the same time, there are real issues of national security, open borders, and terrorist threats. How as God's people do we wisely engage this topic and love as Jesus loved? We will not fix this issue, but we will seek God's heart and learn about ways in which we can engage our neighbors and participate as citizens and followers of Jesus. Series art by Alex Chiu.
Loving the Stranger
February 3, 2019
A Jesus-shaped Approach to the US Immigration Crisis
January 27, 2019
Meeting God at the Border
January 20, 2019