Giving Life
This Advent we’ll discover the amazing gift the Father gave in giving us His Son. Jesus - the bread and water of life, the light of the world - is the true gift of life we are all invited to receive. In response to this gift, we join Jesus in giving tangible gifts of life to the world around us. Bread for the hungry, clean water for the thirsty and light to those who are darkened by hopelessness. Series art by Nate Grubbs.
Michelle Jones Mike Dean Rick McKinley Eric Knox Rick McKinley Paul Ramey Michelle Lang Bill Clem Cole Brown Cole Brown AJ Swoboda Eric Knox Riccardo Stewart Hakeem Bradley Heather Thomas Chelsea Gerlach Kyle Costello Chelsea Gerlach Bill Clem Luis Palau Josh Butler Mark Sayers Josh Butler Hakeem Bradley Michelle Jones Michelle Lang Ben Thomas Mike Dean Heather Thomas Leroy Barber Michelle Jones "Resurrected: Jesus Defeated the Works of the Devil." by Rick McKinley Mark Strong Mark Strong Eric Knox & Rick McKinley Donna Barber Leroy Barber Pauline Fong Mark Charles Worship & Idols - Josh Butler 3 Non-negotiable Commitments - Michelle Lang Ben Sand Rick McKinley, Michelle Lang & Leroy Barber Eric Knox & Josh Butler Dr. Matthew Sleeth Ben Sands Chris Seay Rick Mckinley Cheryl Baker Jaime Wallace Abby Wilhem Garry Friesen Benjamin Nkusi & Saah Joseph John Perkins & Paul Metzger Luke Hendrix Jeff Marsh Scott Erickson Miriam Wiedeback Velynn Brown James Calkins Antoinette Rossman Charlie Shaw Donna Barber Steve Longan Joshua Ryan Butler Raeben Nolan Laura Kreger Pete Greig Luke Hendrix with Ken Weigel Clark Blakeman John Perkins Donald Miller Erik Knox Guest Speaker Dan Kimball Heather Thomas and Luke Hendrix Jake Hendrix Rick McKInley Garry Friessen Bryan Loritts Tim Mackie Luke Hendrix & Rick McKinley Heather Thomas & Rick McKinley Shaun Garman Dr. Michael Tso Sarah Thebarge Célestin Musekura Hugh Halter Rick McKinley with Gerry Breshears Rick McKinley with Garry Friesen Ben Thomas Rick McKinley, Eric Knox, Dr. John Perkins Albert Tate Eva Cruz Peña Jason Nightingale Leroy Barber & Rick McKinley Eric Knox & Panel Eric Knox & Leroy Barber Noel Castellanos
Giving Life
Belonging to the People of God
Mark: An Unwelcome Humanity
Prayer - Fall 2018
September 16th, 2018
September 9th, 2018
Summer Speaker Series
August 19th, 2018
August 12th, 2018
Sunday, August 5th
The Questions God Asks Us
Sunday, July 29th
July 22nd, 2018
July 15th, 2018
Romans: The Gospel of God
Standalone Sermons
Easter Sunday 2018
Lent: Hearing the Voice of God
Epiphany: My Neighbor's Keeper
New Year's Eve 2017
Here in Anticipation
November 2017
Jesus Practices
Jesus and the Other
Jesus The Gift-Giver
Easter 2017
Lent 2017
Epiphany: Saving Justice
New Year's Day 2017
Christmas 2016 Services
The Long Night is Ending
Processing Our Divided Nation: A Conversation
Standalone Sermons at Eastside (2015-2016)
Sabbath with Dr. Sleeth
Holding onto Christ's Promises
Don't Give Up
Imaging God by Name
1 Peter
Pentecost 2016
Women's Retreat 2016
Easter 2016
Prayer (Mark 14:36)
Trusting God
Saving Justice 2016
Ephesians 3
The Advent of a Generous Revolution
Safe Enough to Love: 1 John
Daniel: Faithful in Exile
James: Practicing Faith
Arise: A Journey through the Book of Acts
Easter Sunday 2015
The Turn
Practicing the Rhythms of Grace
Saving Justice
The Story: Revelation
The Story: Christmas Eve
The Story: Hebrews
The Story: New Testament
The Story: The Gospels
The Story: The Prophets
The Story: Baptized
The Story: Way of Wisdom
The Story: Freedom to Exile
The Story: Resurrection
The Story: God of Covenant
The Story: Beginnings
The Year of Our Lord's Favor
Advent 2013
Compelled by Love
Generosity - 2013
Disobedient God
Be Named By God: Matthew 3
Journey Into Weakness
Fear: Freedom or Management?
The Crime Scene: Interview with Dr. John Perkins
The Expanded Vision of the Gospel
Gospel Reenactment
Faith in the Resurrected King (Easter 2013)
The Community of the Crucified King
We Give Thanks
Living into the Love of God
Advent 2012
We Pray
Trust: Psalm 23
Love, Sex & God
Relatable God
The God Who Sees
Resting Trust
His Baptism/Your Baptism
His Baptism/Your Baptism
4 Marks of a Disciple
Your Questions about the Bible
Living Faithful to Jesus and His Mission
Welcome Home
Grace & Truth
Holla If You Hear Me Tour
Communion of Unity
Lent 2012
Compassion & Justice
Vocation: Finding Your Purpose in God's Kingdom
The Passion of Jesus: Joy & Suffering Intertwined
Freedom (with Shaun Garman)
Advent Season 2011
Wrestling with God: The Life of Jacob
Broken and Burned
Who is Your God?
Why I Believe in the Church
Engaging the Less Fortunate
Responses to the Covenant
Exodus 20:3-17
Knowledge & Faith
Depressingly Joyful
Reaching & Leading People
Everyday Spirituality (Panel)
Putting on the New Self
The Gospel of Matthew
Family @ Imago Dei Community
Dan Kimball @ Imago Dei
Easter 2011
Hosea 3
Stepping into the Season of Lent
Celebrating Epiphany
Kyle Costello: Philippians 3:1-11
Incarnation: Consolation and Redemption
Advent Season 2010
Imago Dei Community's 10th Anniversary
Reflecting Christ's Compassion
Reflecting Christ's Compassion
The Word of God
Life of David
Journey to the Cross
Money, God, Eternity
The Gospel and Your Money
MLK,jr tribute
Regular, Sacrificial, Joyful
Our Hope in the Eternal Glory of God
Advent Conspiracy (2007)
Casting Down Idols
God's Faithfulness
God's Faithfulness
1000 Conversations
Global Disciples
Faith of Our Fathers
Love Portland
Love God, Love Others
Us: Missional Journey
Us: Worship & Beauty
Us: Truth & Meaning
Us : Authentic Community
Father's Day
God's Justice
Glory & Righteousness
Comfort & Mourning
Freedom for the Captive
The Brokenhearted
Transformation Through Participation
Good News to the Poor
Personal Transformation
Resurrection Sunday
Rescuing John 3:16
The Glory of Jesus Christ
Love & Forgiveness
Bringing Jesus Home
The Artistic Creator
Advent 2006
Find & Embrace Your Role in God's Story
Stop, and Give Thanks
Incarnational Gospel
Ancient Pathways of Devotion
Christ is our Deliverer
Romans - Inconvenient Christianity
Where Theology & Photography Intersect: A Conversation with John MacMurray
Mustard Seed Kingdom
Symmetrical Expression of Christ's Life
Cultural Renewal
Controlling Your Destiny
XXX Church
Exalted Among the Nations - Interview w/ Victor Cruz
Easter 2006
Restoring Eden
Advent 2005
We Rejoice in God
Celebrating and Anticipating
God Images
Music or Worship?
Justice and Mercy
Psalm 103
Perseverance in Prayer
Finding True Love
Jehovah Jirah, Our Provider
Our Father in Heaven
Fathers Day
The Joy of Being Sent
Joyful Generosity
Global Advocacy
Joy in the Love of God
Dancing for the Tribe
Mothers Day
The End of the Mess
Kingdom of God
The King of Creation
The Incorruptible King
The Night that Jesus Wanted to Lay Down His Cross
Seeing the Kingdom Through the Eyes of a Child
The Word
Authentic Faith
The Cost of Discipleship
A flower quickly fading
Advent 2004
A Future Hope
Why Church?
Psalm 40
Community in Christ
The Treasure of the Kingdom
God as Father
Marriage - Sacred vs. Civil
Biblical Submission
Different By Design
Psalm 119 - Running in God's Path
Gospel of John
Easter 2004
Advent 2003
Old Gospel, New Life
Summer Baptisms
Love Portland 2007