Belonging to the People of God: Covenant Community
What does it mean to belong to the people of God?

Reflecting on nearly two decades of spiritual and community growth, our leadership has discerned an opportunity to delve into what we believe and what we practice, all with the purpose of becoming a family of faith that gives voice, life and witness to the beauty and grace of Jesus Christ here in Portland.

This fall, we imagined how Imago Dei could practice our faith in a way that would change us, bless our city and resist the assimilating powers of our culture. We’re calling it “Covenant Community.” On January 13th, we will gather to commit ourselves for one year to expressing our unity in Jesus and living out our faith together. We invite you to take time before then to reflect on your faith, consider your participation at Imago Dei and prayerfully contemplate stepping into Covenant Community with us. The following resources are designed to aid you in this reflection.