Join the Arts Community

Imago Dei Arts exists to help artists abide abundantly and unabashedly in their expression of God’s creative image. Through our various events and small groups, amateurs and professionals mature together in spiritual and technical disciplines, removing barriers between artistic collaboration and communing in Christ.

During our services, songs, poems, dance, and paintings might help make clear God’s word. Imago Dei artists strive to meet and impact the wider Portland culture by blurring the line—before all the world—between what is excellent work and what is ardent worship.

If you have questions about connecting with Imago Dei Arts, if you would like help thinking through your own talents and calling, or, if you want to learn about ways you might share or serve, please email

Serve with Worship & Arts

Our Sunday gatherings loosely walk through the traditional church calendar and follow a liturgical, purposeful and gospel-centered order. There are a variety of means by which we creatively engage and lead our people in worship.

Worship & Arts events seek to help build community creatives at Imago Dei. Recurring events include:

Arts Forums – A focused day or evening featuring a speaker or panel of local artists of faith who facilitate conversation around a specific topic related to living out a creative calling.

Arts Pubs – An evening at a local creative venue during which we get to know one another, make connections with other creatives at Imago Dei and share some food, drink and discussion.

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Imago Dei Music is a collaborative group of artists based out of Imago Dei Community. Download our latest album and other works featuring original songs and arrangements HERE.