Jesus Academy at Central City

Winter 2019-2020 courses begin the first week of December.

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Sundays at 7pm in NW Portland.

Psalms for the Enraged, Downtrodden, Confused, and Blessed

Sometimes this world just doesn’t make sense. God is in heaven and the world is a living hell. For some of us Refugees from war; battling cancer, and so on. Yet we see others living flush. Even the greedy and arrogant and cheats.

We know God blesses the righteous. But sometimes we just can’t see it. Why, O Lord, why?

This session will begin on January 5 and will run 4 weeks through the end of January.

Led by Rob Starr:

Women in the Word

Tuesdays at 6:30pm in Gena’s office in the Ankeny building. 

Join us weekly as we continue to read through the Bible together. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to experience God’s story as we follow a chronological reading through the Scriptures.

Led by Bev Carson:

Men's Bible Study

Thursdays at 6am in rm. 101.

The men’s Bible study is an opportunity for Imago Dei men to dive deeper into the scriptures, create new friendships and pray for each other as we explore how to grow in our walk with Jesus. We meet for an hour on Thursday mornings. Coffee will be provided.

Led by Mike Pinkerton:

Re-Imagine: Life With God as His Beloved

Sundays at 10:30am in rm. 101. 

In Re-Imagine our purpose is to work out what it means to be the beloved of God, connecting with each other and the larger family here at Imago Dei. We meet each week for fellowship, discussions of significant books and prayer.

Led by Jim and Denise Lundblade: