Jesus Academy at Central City
Important Update

In an effort to help keep our community safe and healthy, Jesus Academy is canceling our weekly gatherings until further notice. Instead, we’ll provide ways to stay connected without sharing the same physical space. To learn more, please contact your group leader/instructor. If you have general questions, email

Jesus Academy at Central City

Jesus Academy offers courses twice a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall, as a place for us to focus on embracing, ordering, and stewarding our faith. We will begin each season with an Intro Night intended to help you discern what course is the best fit for you.

Next session of classes will be offered in the fall of 2020

Questions about Jesus Academy/RSVP for Childcare:
Contact Alina at

Approaching the Bible- Offered Online

What is the role of the Bible in shaping our faith? Where should I start reading it? What if I’m afraid I might disagree with it? How can I understand what it means? Approaching the Bible can be intimidating for a number of reasons. Join Pastor Ruben and Professor of Church Leadership at Multnomah University Jay Held as they help us learn to approach God’s word, gain skills for reading it, and learn to hear God’s voice through it for our lives.

Wednesdays at 8 PM

Course taught by Ruben Alvarado and Jay Held. Contact:

God Speaks- Canceled

God is always speaking. We don’t always hear him. There are ways to discern when and what he is communicating and how to be a better listener.

Class Duration: March 11- April 15

Course taught by Michelle Jones. Conact:

Spiritual Mentoring- Canceled

As God transforms us we get to be used in the transformation of others. There is no “waiting for arrival” before participating. Start by deepening your connection with God and others through spiritual mentoring. This course will explore the life of Jesus as the ultimate mentor and invite us to invest in our own spiritual formation through prayer, the Bible and community. Mentors and mentees welcome.

Class Duration: March 11- May 20

Course taught by Gena Siegel, Jessica Greenwell, Ben Thomas and other Imago Dei pastors. Contact:

Marriage Refresh- online

Couples, this class is an opportunity to build trust and intimacy in your relationship. The group will discuss research about relationships with Alan, a marriage counselor. Couples will be given exercises to improve skills at talking about topics such as emotions, desires, expectations, disappointments, resentments, regrets and fears.

Class Duration: March 11- April 29

Course taught by Alan Rutherford. Contact:

Leadership Cohort- Canceled

This session of IDC Leadership Cohort will be focused on identifying your individual Strengths through Clifton’s Strengths Finder assessment and how to apply them to your everyday world. We will also look at what defines a leader and how to grow in your leadership development.

Class Duration: March 11- April 15

Course taught by Ben Thomas and other Imago Dei Pastors. Contact:

Financial Peace University- Canceled

Money can be one of the most stressful aspects of our lives. It’s also one of the most addressed subjects in the Bible. Through video teaching, class discussions and interactive small group activities, Financial Peace University presents a biblical pathway to understanding your finances and finding freedom from worry by eliminating debt, spending wisely and building up savings.

Class Duration: March 11- May 6

Course taught by Barbara Ketcham, Darren Hinderer and Barbara Hinderer. Contact: