Serve with Youth
Volunteer youth leaders play a crucial role in our youth ministry.

We value who they are as children of God, people being discipled into the image of Jesus to the world. We also value their contribution to the work of the ministry: without them we could not carry out our mission.

Because of these two realities,  we desire to help volunteer leaders flourish in their pursuit of Christ and their spiritual development. To that end, we expect that our volunteer leaders participate fully in the life of Imago Dei Community and that their service is an overflow of the work Jesus is doing in their lives.

Leaders have a compelling love for the students of Imago Dei and the other leaders with whom they serve. With this in mind, the following serve as the guidelines for those desiring to partner with the youth ministry at Imago Dei:

Volunteer leaders:

  1. participate fully in the life of Imago Dei Community (regularly attend services; are part of home community, small groups, and/or other discipleship opportunities outside of youth group)
  2. seek to be transformed into the image of Christ, demonstrated through personal spiritual discipline and Christian living
  3. faithfully attend youth group, leader meetings, and parent meetings
  4. engage in relationship with students beyond youth group hours
  5. are willing to attend youth events and camps (as available)
  6. engage in the community of leaders

If you are considering volunteering with us or have further questions, please fill out the following application and email Maurice at to indicate your interest.