A Message from Pastor Michelle Jones




I have already been praying for you—that in navigating to this page, you will find some of what you need for your mind, heart and soul.

For the people of God, prayer is a first response, a last resort and every effort in between. Like scaffolding to an unfinished building, prayer helps us grasp what is typically beyond human reach. God is beyond us (Is. 55: 8, 9), but we are never beyond His love for us (Rom. 8: 38, 39). We have in Him a Father who sees, hears, cares and searches for us. He calls us into prayer—to place us before Him and to bring Himself to us. 

Periodically, we’ll post videos from people in our community, sharing about prayer and how they practice it. The goal here is to encourage you in your own prayer life. There are as many ways to connect with God as there are people who desire to connect with Him.

Nothing supports a person, a relationship, a family or a community more than an active prayer life. I dare you to prove me right.

Love and Blessings,
Michelle Jones
Associate Pastor of Prayer


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