Fall 2020 Refuge Groups
Refuge at Central City

Fall 2020 groups begin Monday, October 5th, with an Orientation Night at 7pm via Zoom.

Questions? Contact refuge@idcpdx.com.

Refuge at Eastside

Fall 2020 groups begin Wednesday, October 7th, with an Orientation Night at 7pm via Zoom.

Questions? Contact eastsiderefuge@idcpdx.com.

How to Join a Group

Review the group descriptions below, then sign up for the group of your choice using the form. Please sign up prior to attending an orientation. You’ll receive the link to the appropriate orientation’s Zoom gathering after signing up.

All groups are subject to the availability of facilitators and participants. Attending an Imago Dei campus is NOT a requirement for joining either campus’ groups.


Note: In-person groups will take place at our Eastside campus (3130 SE 148th Ave). Masks and adherence to social distancing are required. Childcare is not available. We are limited to a maximum capacity of 50 people in our building, so be sure to reserve your spot soon!

Shame and Grace (both campuses)

This group is available online and in-person. Shame & Grace is a group that offers the opportunity to process and understand the many ways that shame can infiltrate and affect our lives. Shame is different from guilt, which can be an appropriate feeling of having done something bad. Shame, however, is the corrosive feeling that there is something wrong with who we are. Together, we will learn to identify shame, explore the messages and systems that contribute to shame, share our stories to know that we are not alone, and move into the grace of resting in our beloved identity in Christ. We’ll use Brené Brown’s book Gifts of Imperfection with additional materials.

Learn more about this curriculum:

Why Emotions Matter (both campuses)

This group is available online and in-person. For some of us, emotions are overwhelming and all-important. For others, they’re bothersome and irrational. Wherever you fall on the emotional spectrum, pursuing a healthy relationship with emotions is key to living a passionate abundant life. In this group, we’ll learn how emotions work, why they are valuable, what to do when emotions don’t match the situation, helpful tools and habits for cultivating emotional health, and the ins and outs of shame, fear, anger, sadness, jealousy, and happiness.

Learn more about this curriculum at whyemotionsmatter.com.

Grief (both campuses)

This group is available online and in-person. The Grief group provides a place for people who have experienced a significant loss in their lives to process their grief with others who are on a similar journey. Grieving people often feel alone, so receiving support in the context of community can be very valuable for the healing process. Participants will engage in journaling, personal sharing, and group interactions as we walk through Alan Wolfelt’s book and companion journal Understanding Your Grief.

The Ten Essential Touchstones:

  1. Open to the presence of your loss.
  2. Dispel misconceptions about grief.
  3. Embrace the uniqueness of your grief.
  4. Explore what you might experience.
  5. Recognize you are not crazy.
  6. Understand the six needs of mourning.
  7. Nurture yourself.
  8. Reach out for help.
  9. Seek reconciliation, not resolution.
  10. Appreciate your transformation.

Think of your grief as a wilderness—a vast, inhospitable forest. You must journey through this wilderness. To find your way out, you must become acquainted with its terrain and learn to follow the sometimes hard-to-find trail that leads to healing. In the wilderness of your grief, the touchstones are your trail markers. They are the signs that let you know you are on the right path. When you learn to identify and rely on the touchstones, you will find your way to hope and healing.

Genesis Change Process (Central City)

This group is available online and in-person. Genesis Change groups are gender-specific small groups of people who desire to change because they are tired of struggling with painful chronic personal problems or self-destructive coping behaviors such as addiction, anger, overwork, procrastination, anxiety, control, depression, or self-pity. These groups guide participants through their recovery process by providing the necessary understanding, as well as the practical tools, for real and permanent change. It is a blend of biblical principles, understanding of the brain, and proven recovery strategies for not only freedom from self-destructive behaviors, but also addressing the underlying issues that drive them.

Learn more about this curriculum at genesisprocess.org.

Rhythms of Renewal (Central City)

This group is available online and in-person. Daily struggles with anxiety and stress make it difficult to receive God’s peace. Rhythms of Renewal will help you trade your anxiety for the vibrant life you were meant to live through four profound rhythms: rest, restore, connect, and create. With encouraging stories and practical steps, Rebekah Lyons will help you begin an intentional, lifelong journey toward sustained emotional, relational, and spiritual health.

Learn more about this curriculum:

Boundaries (Central City)

This group is available online only. Whether in relationships, at work, with our kids, and even with God, boundaries help us determine what is our responsibility and what is the responsibility of others. We will learn how to set limits physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally so that all our relationships can be more healthy and balanced. We’ll use the book Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life by Henry Cloud and John Townsend.

Enneagram (Central City)

This group is available online only. In this group we will explore the unique ways God has designed us and calls us towards healing and spiritual growth. We’ll use the Enneagram as a pathway to self-understanding and growing beyond self-defeating dimensions of our personality, improving relationships, and growing in compassion for others. The Enneagram is a personality typing tool that provides insight into our authentic selves and offers a framework for God’s transformative power to restore us to our truest nature. We’ll use the book Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram: A Handbook for Harmony and Transformation by Adele Calhoun.

Learn more about this curriculum:

Mending the Soul (Eastside)

Mending the Soul is offered in separate groups for men & women. This group is available in-person only. 

Abuse can take on many forms: physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, spiritual… it happens in all kinds of relationships and can be overt and public, or subtle and secretive.  In Mending the Soul, we explore the nature of abuse, learn more about how it may have impacted us, and engage in a process of healing as we reconnect with God and others from a place of hope and healing.

Learn more about this curriculum:

Sexual Wholeness for Women (Eastside)

This group is available in-person only. Over time, false identities (masks) can define you; the person God created you to be gets covered up, and you may be vulnerable to unhealthy relational patterns, including unhealthy sexual behaviors. Processing the Behind the Mask workbook with a small group of women will help you identify unhelpful choices and behavior patterns and replace those with healthy patterns of relational and sexual behavior, all based on biblical principles.

Finding Peace during Pandemic Open Class

This class is available online only. This is a stressful time. All of us are feeling the effects of so many changes and uncertainties. Open Class this season will focus on tools to reduce stress and build resilience. Topics include home self-care, grief and loss, anxiety and depression, trauma’s effect on the brain, resolving conflict and healthy boundaries. We’re isolating but not alone! No homework or commitment required. Just drop in.

Vergüenza y Gracia (Español)

Para mujeres. Jueves a las 7-9pm en Imago Dei Eastside (3130 SE 148th Ave).