Rick McKinley


Rick McKinley is Imago Dei Community’s lead pastor. He oversees the broader vision of church and works with our leadership to direct our mission of taking the whole Gospel to the whole person to all of Portland.

In November 1999, Rick, his wife Jeanne and their four kids drove a U-Haul over the Cascades to Portland and started a church in their living room. They never expected this endeavor to lead to a big church, but God continually showed up and led them into mission. From the McKinley’s home, Imago Dei Community progressed to different meeting locations until, through a series of crazy events, the church moved into its current building on Ankeny St. “That was the biggest gift God gave us,” Rick recalls. “We had no money, no way to buy a big church, but we were able to move in for the same price we were paying to rent Franklin High School.”

Recently, Rick says it’s been a privilege to work through issues of diversity at Imago Dei: “This conversation has been so beautiful, messy and incredibly fruitful. We have a long way to go, but it’s exciting to see how God has brought great leaders and people into our community and lives. So many more stories could be told, all the church plants, baptisms and babies and crazy beautiful redemption…it’s too much to write down. We are getting to live a very cool, very rare story of God’s working in and through his people here at Imago Dei.”

In his times of rest, Rick loves to read, hunt, fish and go to Cannon Beach with Jeanne. He also wants to start a folk rock band, but has continuously been told that this would be a tragic experience for everyone involved.

Rick’s greatest hope for Imago Dei is to see every single person free to live our their calling, adding to the beauty of Jesus and together forming a community that radiates joy, faithfulness and love. “I see this wild mosaic of people who collectively create an otherworldly picture of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth…and those looking in find themselves drawn in by the attractiveness and hope of Jesus.”