Black Poets Society 

6:30pm August 15, 20, & 22

Black Poets Society is a three session series with readers sharing a broad range of historic and modern poetry and spoken word by Black poets. Attendees will have a chance to respond in writing, discuss and unpack in table conversations and participate in a larger group conversation. Each part is a standalone event, but will weave together thematically. In-person August 15 and 22 in Room 101, online August 20.

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Neighborhood Picnics 

This summer people will be hosting picnics in different areas of Portland to provide you with a chance to connect with people from Imago who live in your neighborhood. The picnics will be on August 28th at 5pm.



Summer Park Meet Ups for Families 

Our IDK staff is offering park playdates this summer at parks with excellent accessibility for families living with disabilities (and those not). This is for all ages so come, bring your own lunch, and joins us for some fun in the sun with other Imago families. Below are the dates and locations. For more information email Michelle Andrews.