Common Good Conference
Saturday, October 23rd | 9:00am-2:00pm
Room 101, 1302 SE Ankeny St.

We’re all gardeners. Whether or not you cultivate a small — or large — plot of land in your backyard, you’re called to cultivate, keep, and renew the place you find yourself.

Cultivation and restoration happen in your work. The place you cultivate might be at home, an office, or somewhere in between. Where you spend your days is where you steward the work of your hands. This year’s Common Good Conference will encourage you in your place, your work, and your faith.

Join 11 speakers, thought leaders, and pastors as they explore key themes of creating, investing, protecting, preserving, healing, and more.

When: Saturday, October 23rd from 9am-2pm

Where: Ankeny 101, located in our office building at 1302 SE Ankeny Street.