Good Friday: Image of Man
Through the story of Jesus’ most brutal trials, we see in Him the true Image of Man and seek to be restored to our true humanity.

Filmed live at Imago Dei on Good Friday 2019, Image of Man is a story of true humanity told through music, spoken word and visual art.

With a new introduction by Pastor Bob Howard and service director Sebastian Rogers, this service on video features narration by Pastor Mike Dean, original music/poetry/art by Catherine Feeny, Sam Adams, Michelle Lang with the IDC Gospel Choir, Aaron James and many more.

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You can also view or download a visual guide with all the Scriptures, narratives and lyrics from this video service:

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While Image of Man does not contain any explicit or violent content, it is most appropriate for ages 12 and up. We’ve prepared a special service for preschool and elementary age kids:

Imago Dei Kids Service


Image of Man is presented by Imago Dei Community and Peripheral Vision PDX.

We acknowledge that this can be a disconnected and isolating time for many of us. Find several opportunities to stay connected with others at Imago Dei and access resources for spiritual growth here.