Easter: Resources for Inviting Others
Easter is an opportunity to share the Gospel.

As a church community, we get to declare the biblical picture of Jesus Christ, who died for all people, who rose again and who gives us new life.

This Easter, we ask you to invite someone in your life who does not yet know Jesus to watch our online service with you. At the end of the service, we’ll provide information about a few opportunities to continue the conversation.


Questions to Ask after Watching the Service

1. What did you think of the video?

2. Have you ever thought about faith before? Did the speakers help you understand what faith in Jesus might look like?

3a. Would you be willing to join me in the Zoom call with some of the pastors from the service to learn more and ask any questions you have?

3b. Or, if the Spirit is leading you, ask: “Would you like to put your faith in Jesus?”

If they say yes, you can say the following: “I can help you do that by leading you in a short prayer.” You can use your own words, but keep the prayer simple: “Jesus I believe in you. Thank you for loving me and dying for my sin and brokenness. Come into my life by your Holy Spirit and be my life. I want to follow you. Amen.”