Change for a Dollar

Every Sunday, we have the opportunity to drop a single dollar bill into buckets on the communion tables. This small gesture is one way we as a church community can support you loving your neighbor well: providing a big check to meet a one-time significant need.

It is our hope that this can help spark our imagination to be Jesus’ agents of blessing, service and transformation: a people alive to the needs of those around us; aware that God wishes us to find strength and blessing in community; mindful that we are called to be signposts of a kingdom marked by radical grace, unexpected mercy, and love.

If you are part of Imago Dei Community and wish to request Change for a Dollar funding for someone you know outside of our church, fill out the the inquiry form below.

Give to Change for a Dollar

Please make sure to select “Change for a Dollar” in the drop-down menu labeled “Fund.”


Questions? Email at Central City Campus or at Eastside Gathering.



Change for a Dollar exists to help us at Imago Dei see our neighbors outside of our church community, to be attentive to their needs and open to how God might use us to minister to them. We want it to be a discipleship tool that lifts up the following values:

  • Jesus cares about people: We hope to embody and demonstrate Jesus’ love to people who are hurting in practical, tangible ways—a signpost to a kingdom of gracious gift and new life.
  • Relationships are important: Gifts are given not by a distant institution writing an anonymous check, but by the church as a body of people through specific relationships.
  • We’re stronger together than we are alone: Our individual resources (like a dollar) may not go very far, but collectively our combined resources can make a powerful impact.


Requests are made by someone within Imago Dei Community on behalf of a person or family outside of our church community. It is our hope to empower you to be able to say something to the effect of: “You are loved. This is a gift from my church community because I love you and we believe God loves you, and want to come alongside to support you during this time.” If your request falls outside of this criteria, consider exploring these avenues:

  • People within Imago Dei who need financial assistance are resourced through our Benevolence fund. For benevolence requests, please contact at Central City or at Eastside.
  • Outside organizations such as non-profits, schools, and other community organizations fall outside the scope and criteria of Change for a Dollar. Virtually all of our Imago Dei funds of this nature go towards organizations with whom we have a long-term relationship and through whom our people serving in hands-on ways. If this is an avenue you’d like to explore, contact