Get involved with mentoring youth and caring for vulnerable children in our city.

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

Proverbs 27:17

Holla Mentors

HOLLA is a culturally responsive mentoring organization founded by Pastor Eric Knox. HOLLA focuses on building relationships with youth of color through mentorship. Mentorship takes place in partnership with local schools, non-profits and families.
Become a Mentor:
HOLLA matches young people with positive adult role models to meet with them on a weekly basis in addition to bi-monthly exposure opportunities throughout the city. These activities include art programming, outdoor exploration, career and college exploration, etc. All new mentors start in the fall and follow the school year cycle. Mentors commit to at least a full school year with students and beyond if possible. To find out more, check out our website or email

Partner Mentorship Programs

Mentoring can sound intimidating, but it’s really just showing up and being present. We’re excited to offer the following opportunities through these partner organizations: 

Kairos – Elementary School Mentors

Join a class once a week to bring personal attention to a struggling student at Kairos, an elementary school we partner with focusing on culturally relevant education (N Williams & Beech).

KairosPDX was founded by a diverse group of leaders who understand the pivotal role that education plays as a gateway to opportunity. We know that many came before us and fought for the right for all kids to learn to be in good schools, to have the chance to overcome systematic poverty.

Yet we are faced with a reality that there still exists two worlds-and they are split on soci-economic and racial lines. One need only look at said schools to see who is who. We are faced with a persistent achievement gap that perpetuates inequity and the denial of opportunity that so many fought for, died for.

We believe we can do better. We believe we can provide a model that narrows that gap and develops young people that do not just know how to pass a test, but know how to help their neighbor, know how to lead, know that they can change the world for good.


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Faithful Friends Mentoring Program 

Support single moms and foster children in our church by becoming a mentor with Faithful Friends, our partner organization.

Faithful Friends Mentoring Program is a church-based urban mentoring program that provides children support and stability through relationships that encourage personal growth and inspire hope.

The program matches volunteer singles, couples and families with children ages 6 through 9 for mentoring relationships. The mentor/mentee matches will meet 3-4 times each month for at least one year. Activities between the mentor and mentee are a collaborative decision – the child is included in the mentor’s everyday activities. This may mean cooking a meal together or going to the park. It may also include helping the child with their homework or other academic skills.

Children are referred to Faithful Friends by a parent or caregiver who believes the child’s life will be enriched by additional, caring relationships. Parents hear about Faithful Friends from schools or other agencies that serve children.

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