Racial Justice Resources

As we lament the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many others, we also recognize our responsibility as God’s people to stand against racial injustice.

While this list is by no means comprehensive, we hope it provides some touch points for listening to black and brown voices, learning from those who have been doing the work of fighting injustice and engaging in this conversation with our families, friends and communities.

Saving Justice 2015 art by Stefan Wolf. 

Sermons & Sermon Series

Imago Dei is committed to growing as a multi-ethnic, multi-generational community of faith that stands for the Gospel and against racial injustice. This conversation is not new to us. The following sermons and sermon series focus on diversity and racial justice, addressing questions such as How do we as the Church bear witness to our faith while living in a culture and a world full of injustice? and How do we hear and embody God’s vision of justice for the oppressed? 

Holla if You Hear Me by Eric Knox 

The Crime Scene with Dr. John Perkins

Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter by Eric Knox

A Community Formed by Diversity by Leroy Barber

Saving Justice 2015

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

The Cry of Justice by Rick McKinley

I Choose to Rejoice by Cheryl Baker

Love, Truth and Justice by Dr. John Perkins and Paul Metzger

God’s Justice by Rick McKinley

Community by Dr. John Perkins

Justice & Mercy by Rick McKinley

My Neighbor’s Keeper

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

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Books & Articles

The Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism By Drew Hart

I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness by Austin Channing Brown 

Be The Bridge by LaTasha Morrison A leading advocate for racial reconciliation offers a clarion call for Christians to move toward relationship and deeper understanding in the midst of a divisive culture.

Bread for The Resistance Donna Barber In these daily devotions, Donna Barber offers life-giving words of renewal and hope for those engaged in the resistance to injustice.

Bleeding Albina by Karen J. Gibson Using census data, oral histories, archival documents and newspaper accounts, this study analyzes residential segregation and neighborhood disinvestment in Portland over a 60‐year period.

Podcasts, Music & Videos

Podcasts & Music

Diversity Gap Podcast Listening to stories of the people most impacted by diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, this podcasts asks: What will it take to close the gap between our good intentions and the outcomes we hope for?

Micah Bournes’ Time Like This Album (Contains some strong language) Micah Bournes is a poet and musician who speaks to the black Christian experience.

Propaganda’s Crooked Album A hip-hop scholar making art to describe the experience of black folks trying to follow Christ in an evangelical world tailored toward white folks.

Films & Videos

Rick McKinley Interviews Dr. LeRoy Haynes, a key African-American leader and voice for racial justice in Portland. By fighting for justice and staying committed to the love of Jesus for all people, Dr. Haynes teaches us what it means to persevere on the long road to justice.

Just Mercy Movie “Just Mercy” is based on the powerful and thought-provoking true story of young lawyer Bryan Stevenson (Jordan) and his history-making battle for justice.

13th Documentary (Netflix) How the 13th Amendment never truly ratified slavery and thus perpetuated systemic racism. Find a viewer’s guide with discussion questions here.

A Talk With White Folks Michelle Lang-Raymond’s dialogue with white folks and black folks on racism in light of George Floyd’s murder and Amy Cooper unjustly calling the cops on a black man in Central Park.

KairosPDX Director Kali Ladd’s address to Portland community leaders about protests.

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I am documentary Toni Morrison leads an assembly of her peers, critics and colleagues on an exploration of race, America, history and the human condition as seen through the prism of her own literature.

Kids & Youth

A Kids Book About Racism by Jelani Memory This is one conversation that’s never too early to start, and this book was written to be an introduction for kids on the topic.

Imago Dei Kids’ Recommended Reading A list of books for kids and young readers curated by Pastor Rachel Wilson.

A Chat with Teens about Racism (On Facebook) Michelle Lang-Raymond’s dialogue with teens about racism.

Give & Support

HOLLA Mentors is a campus-based grassroots mentoring movement of first-generation college students and committed professionals who believe in the power of Black and Brown youth.

KairosPDX is an education non-profit that is transforming education through love and inclusion and lifting up the voices of those who are historically underserved.